Sunday, 30 May 2010

Bank Holiday Sunday

Good evening, Had a leisurely day. Went to Sainsbury's for the weekly shopping. Whenever I put the groceries away, I am reminded of our dog, Percy, a wire-hair Daschund. (I usually spell that wrongly.) Percy loved helping put things away, usually down his throat. He was a total pest, but dearly loved and sadly missed. If I am ever clever enough, I will put his photo on the blog. A day rarely passes that someone doesn't bring up the subject of Percy. The day after he was put to sleep, we ran away to London as we couldn't imagine living in the house without him. Of course, we had to come home eventually to a Percy-less house that took an awful lot of getting used to. He was cremated and we put his ashes in the garden and planted a tree. It is a Percy tree and has the most glorious leaves. They are as big as plates and turn from pure gold to a beautiful rust colour in the Autumn. I dedicated a book, The Hen Party, to him. Tomorrow is going to be a tidying-cleaning-catching up on the ironing, changing the bedding day. Or so I say now. Tomorrow I might feel very differently. Good night.

Saturday, 29 May 2010

Rainy Saturday

Hello there. Today it was our intention to go to London; Richard was interested in visiting the Tate Modern. Unfortunately, our local railway system is frequently out of use at weekends, in particular Bank Holiday weekends. Apparently, the railway lines are in desperate need of repair and the most convenient time for this to be done is when people would like to visit our capital city. We must have the lousiest, most inefficent lines in the universe. Instead of a straightforward train journey, London requires going on the bus, the train, and the underground. So, we went to Ipswich again for the second time this week and Tate Modern had to do without us. It rained quite heavily, but better weather is predicted for tomorrow and Monday. Tuesday it will be the first of June and the weather is unnaturally cold for this time of the year. One never knows whether to wear one's mink or a bikini. Goodnight.

Friday, 28 May 2010


Have just pressed the wrong button and lost my post. It was truly brilliant, witty, the best I have ever done. It would really have impressed you. But it's lost. I will do an extra long one tomorrow. Sweet dreams my two friends.

Thursday, 27 May 2010

'The Pics'

Went to the cinema in Ipswich today to see The Bad Lieutenant. Didn't fancy it, but went to keep Richard company. When I was very young and lived in Bootle, we used to visit the cinema on Saturday afternoons. In those days we said 'going to the pictures' or 'the pics'. It really is true that you could get in with jam jars. The one pound jars were worth a penny and the half pound ones a ha'penny. I never paid with jam jars because my father had a job and could afford to give me tuppence for seats at the very front. Whilst out today, I lost another umbrella. I lose umbrellas regularly. Recently, the Tie Shop in Colchester closed down and they were selling umbrellas for £2. I really should have bought a few dozen, but stuck to a nice tartan one which is the one I lost today, though still have the cover. Goodnight everyone.

Wednesday, 26 May 2010

New House

Forgot my daily blog yesterday. Am letting myself down. The reason was we are looking for a new house, details came from an agent and there was a house amongst them that we loved. It was the house that we have been looking for for months. We spent all day, apart from a few hours of me writing my novel, discussing it. This morning, we went to view - it was lovely, individually designed, detached, wonderful garden. I have never, in all my life, had a decent kitchen and the one in the house we live in now is no exception - not that I spend much time in it, Richard usually makes the meals. The kitchen in the lovely house was brilliant. Of course there was a drawback. It was all by itself, yet overlooked by two huge blocks of flats. We sadly had to turn it down. I have been looking at other details tonight, but none compare to THE house.

Monday, 24 May 2010

Lovely Monday

Another fantastic day. This should have been the day I returned to my novel, After The War is Over, but I still feel tired after our holiday. My agent, Juliet, has read the first three chapters and likes them. I do wish I could write more than just a few hours a day. I have so many stories in my head that I long to get down to. This afternoon I went for my three-yearly breast X-ray and shall now be on tenterhooks until I get the letter saying I'm okay. Once I was asked to go back. The letter came on the Thursday before Easter. I didn't tell anyone and spent the holiday organising my funeral. Fortunately, when I returned and had another X-ray I was quite clear. Some women have wonderful courage and can cope with illness, but I am a total coward and would collapse at the news.

Sunday, 23 May 2010

Sunny Sunday

Hello, it's Sunday and the most beautiful day. Richard and I had a wonderful time in New York. We saw four musicals and thoroughly enjoyed them, and trod the colourful streets of Manhattan until we were exhausted. We flew back overnight, neither of us sleeping a wink, and spent the rest of Friday half asleep. Saturday, I went to a place called Galleywood in Essex along with four writing friends, Fay Cunningham, Jean Fullerton, Fenella Jane Miller and Sheila Norton, to give a talk at the local library. We will be in Ingatestone library in two weeks' time. Today, we are off to do the weekly shop at Sainsbury's and later take our youngest son, Patrick, who is home from Exeter for the weekend, to lunch. I don't normally look forward to shopping for groceries, but it's such a lovely day it will be a pleasure to get out. Will be back soon, Maureen.

Wednesday, 12 May 2010

Wednesday, 13 May, 2010

Hello, This is my first blog (actually, it's the second and I lost the first and it could well appear one day.) I thought it a good idea to communicate with my readers, let them know what I'm writing, how I'm getting on with it, how life is at the moment and other things. I hope to write a few words every few days.

The first thing to say is I'm going to New York tomorrow for seven days, so won't be writing anything until the end of next week, so am getting off to a bad start by making promises I can't keep.

Before going on holiday, I am attempting to complete the first three chapters of my latest novel, After The War is Over to send to my agent Juliet to see what she thinks of it.

Have just been interrupted by a call from someone asking all sorts of personal questions. I have no idea what they were selling.

Will finish now. I wish everyone well who has read this blog and also those who haven't.

Best wishes to you all. Maureen